Animal Save Movement

Animal Save Movement is a global network of activists that bear witness to animals at the gates of slaughterhouses in order to expose and dismantle animal exploitation industries.

In January 2017 we started regularly attending vigils across North Wales and North West England up to 6 days a month. We also represented the movement at festivals.

In March 2018 we set up our first chapter with Animal Save UK. The location was a 200-year-old livestock market selling hundreds of cows and sheep each week at the heart of a busy rural shopping town. It was at this site that we said goodbye to the individual that would become our logo, our symbol of who we advocate for.

In October 2018 we took over a dormant Animal Save UK chapter, restarting monthly vigils at a chicken slaughterhouse.

In 2020 we moved across the country and handed over our groups to our most trusted volunteers.

We now attend vigils in varying locations around the country.

Join or start a chapter in your community with Animal Save Movement.

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