What is the Vegan Land Movement?

In 2020, a group of vegans embarked on an unique approach to activism. The UK-based movement sees funds raised from donors used to buy up agricultural land used for 'livestock'. The group then prepares the land, allowing wild plants and nature to flourish there once more. 

Land use for animal farming is one of the most pressing environmental issues we face. At least 26% of the world’s ice-free land is used for animal farming, with 33% of croplands grow grain to feed captive animals. 

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation and biodiversity loss worldwide, and the UK has lost half of its biodiversity since the 1970s. The country was once made up of vast forests, rather than grass monocultures, but now 71% of the land is used for agriculture.

How does the Vegan Land Movement work?

“Vegans en masse each donate a little and this can be just the price of a coffee, if we all get on board. We then out-bid the animal farmers at auction and remove land from animal agriculture, forever. Nobody loses their shirt, we save the land, we save species, we end the exploitation of farmed animals, we save the planet, and we create a vegan world acre by acre. It really is that simple. This is the power of community when we all work together.” - Gina Bates

VLM, started up by Gina Bates, Sara Eloquin, and Kevin Greenhill, has so far removed five plots of land from animal farming in Somerset. 

If we don’t create these alternatives to land use many species will become extinct over the next two decades and we can all help prevent that.

‘The overall plan is to grow the VLM, getting more people involved so that we can have a much bigger impact and buy more acres of land, more frequently. The big dream is to potentially create a version of the VLM in every country and so collectively save millions of lives. We could all unite in our thousands to remove hundreds of acres from animal agriculture every year, plant future forests and save countless species. We could as a large community do this over and over and also create veganic farms too.‘


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