Sea Change: The Kraken

Mar 18, 2024By Adam at Herbivore Club
Adam at Herbivore Club

The innovative race for plant-based seafood alternatives is heating up and Revo Foods stands out by venturing beyond traditional fish substitutes to introduce a vegan octopus named "The Kraken - Inspired by Octopus."

Crafted from mycoprotein, a nutrient-rich protein from fungi mycelium, this product mimics the texture and taste of octopus tentacles, complete with a realistic appearance, including suction cups and a purple hue. The Kraken can be enjoyed in various dishes, either cooked or straight from the package. This new product presents another opportunity for us to reconsider our dietary choices and the impact they have on sentient beings.

Octopuses are among the most intelligent and emotionally complex creatures in the ocean, known for their remarkable problem-solving abilities, use of tools, and capacity for play. 

Available across much of Europe, The Kraken targets not only vegans but also meat-eaters interested in reducing their meat consumption, reflecting a broader trend towards plant-based diets. Priced at €5.99 for a package containing three tentacle pieces, it offers an accessible option for those looking to explore seafood alternatives.

This development is particularly timely, given the rise of octopus farming, which involves capturing and raising these highly intelligent animals for food.

This plant-based octopus substitute is not merely an alternative; it's a statement against the commodification of sentient life, urging us to consider a path that respects the complexity and value of all creatures, encouraging a shift towards more ethical and compassionate dietary choices. In the 21st century we can enjoy all of the flavours of the sea without contributing to the suffering of its inhabitants.

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