Ah, the age-old question that's haunted vegans at many a dinner table: "But what if you were stranded on a desert island with only a pig for company? Would you eat the pig or starve?" It's the kind of hypothetical that meat-eaters seem to love, picturing a vegan, spear in hand, eyeing up their porcine companion. But let's face it, unless you're auditioning for a survival reality show, the chances of finding yourself in this predicament are ridiculously slim.

Drawing parallels between unlikely survival tactics and everyday choices can be as outlandish as planning your daily commute based on the potential for a sudden lava flow in your street. It's engaging to think about, but hardly a solid foundation for our day-to-day decisions.

Instead of fantasising about desert island diets, let's pivot to a scenario that hits closer to home. Picture living in a world brimming with plant-based delights, where every grocery store is a treasure trove of vegan food, clothing, cosmetics etc. In such a paradise, the thought of embarking on a prehistoric hunt in the produce section seems downright comical, doesn't it?

Now, for a twist on apocalyptic thinking that's actually grounded in reality: facing the environmental crises bearing down on us. What if the path to being a real-world hero was as simple as rethinking what's on your plate? Imagine championing a cause that protects forests, conserves water, and spares countless animals. Yes, adopting a plant-based lifestyle is about far more than hypothetical island survival scenarios; it's about making impactful choices in the world as it stands.

So, when confronted with the desert island conundrum again, you might consider this: you have a far greater chance of making a meaningful difference as a champion of the earth in everyday life than you do of needing to negotiate the dietary ethics of survival with an imaginary volleyball sidekick. It's time to concentrate on the choices before us, leaving the imaginary behind for a reality where our actions can truly resonate.

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