AV Organisers

In January 2019 we started our own Anonymous for the Voiceless chapter to complement the rural shopping town in which we already held Animal Save UK vigils. We held monthly cubes of truth and made a positive impression on the local community.

and in March 2019 took over a second AV group in a nearby city.

Promotions 💪

In April 2019 we ran an 8 week motivational health campaign on Twitter promoting GreatVeganAthletes.com, long before the release of The Game Changers, this was the most twitter traffic their site had seen in four years.

Latitude Petition 🐑

In July 2019 we started a petition against the use of dyed sheep as party props at Latitude Festival. The petition gained over 25,000 signatures and was mentioned in articles by BBCLBCNMEPlant Based NewsRadio XSky NewsThe Guardian, and The Independent


Totally Vegan Buzz

In July 2019 we featured in Totally Vegan Buzz in an article about inspiring vegan tattoos 💚

The Humane League 🐤

During the summer of 2019 we acted as social media coordinator for The Humane League UK.


Glorious Twelfth Petition 🕊️

In August 2019 we started a petition to ban the shooting tradition 'The Glorious Twelfth', this international petition was started to compliment the UK residents only petition to add additional international pressure.


Animal Justice Project 

During the autumn of 2019 we acted as social media coordinator for this UK based animal rights charity.


Kelloggs Petition 🐑

In October 2019 we started a petition against Kelloggs Cereal using wool derived vitamin D in their products. In November we teamed up with Animal Aid to achieve this mutual goal. Our petition was mentioned in Plantbased News (Twice), Totally Vegan Buzz, and Vegconomist.


Meat The Victims #3 🐷

In October 2019 we joined Meat The Victims in their demonstration. A pig farm in Chester (UK) was entered and occupied by dozens of activists and their footage broadcast live to the team on the streets of Liverpool for the public to see. Passers-by stopped to discuss it with the street team.

Tinder Petition 🔥

In November 2019 we started a petition to persuade Tinder to include a "show only vegan accounts" setting. Vegan specific dating apps have failed to take off so far, so to include an option on an already popular app would help people find compassionate partners.


Preston Protest 🐔

The Pandemic / Lockdown

The UK lockdown of 2020 in response to coronavirus was life-changing for many. Due to our financial and personal circumstances, we were forced to move across the country and hand over our AV and Save groups to our most trusted volunteers. During the lockdown, the animal exploitation link to the pandemic was highlighted at every possible opportunity.


As life returned to a new normal we focused on our social media platforms, and began attending local activism events such as the successful protest and resulting shutdown of a rabbit farm 🐇

and we have no intention of resting until we have total liberation.

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